Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Starting the new year with a SOY table at Travis HS

Tami, Hart, Ben and I tabled at Travis HS today during their single lunch period.  Students came by and were curious about our brochures, the chin-up bar, Peace Wheel and Penny Poll. Thanks to Hart for reintroducing the Penny Poll and for bolstering our supply of Austin Community College brochures.  I was especially glad to see the brochure on their utility lineworkers program.  This is a job in high demand.  Strong physical skills and an interest in applied science could lead to a good, well-paid job as a power line worker with a 2-year associate's degree.  Check out their department at 512-223-6404.

It was good to see the notices about the GO Center (college and career center) at Travis helping students navigate financial aid sources for college.  And there were some good books on display in the library on the subject of bullying.

As Hart said, the way the US acts in the world is often like a bully.  For those who want to join the military, that is an important consideration.  Do they really want to be a bully?  Most kids really don't.

Books in library display

Book in library display

chin-ups for peace -- building discipline from within

A student does the penny poll

Hallway poster

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