Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New year tabling at Akins HS

We had our first literature table of the new year at Akins HS today.  Akins is either the first or second largest high school in our district, and because of the rainy day, most students stayed in the cafeteria to eat today, so it was packed.  We were directed to tables near one of the back walls where students waited in line for one of the food carts.  It was a good place to set up, with plenty of room for our stenciling project, peace wheel and literature.  I had added a new "Paz, Amor" stencil to our designs, since Valentines Day is coming up, and I brought colored paper in case students wanted to use that stencil to print valentines instead of folders.  I liked the way several students used the stencils to fashion their own messages.  For example, one woman made a birthday card for her Honduran friend that included a Honduran flag design.
We're stocked up with new literature from the War Resisters League:  a new flier written and designed by high school students, called, "Know Before You Go, Cause There's No Reset Button;"  a flier about the power of nonviolence; a pamphlet directed to women who are thinking of enlisting; and more of the Project YANO flier, "The military's not just a job -- it's 8 years of your life."