Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kicking off the new school year at Austin HS

Ben and Tami at SOY table
Today, we had a literature table during lunch periods at Austin High School and really enjoyed talking with students and staff who stopped by the table.  Tami and I were joined today by Ben, a US Marine veteran and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and Civilian/Soldier Alliance.  A number of students who came to the table talked about their thoughts about enlistment -- they were thinking about it or had a family member who was in.  Hopefully, some of our materials will help them see a broader picture of what enlistment really entails and what some of the adverse consequences are for veterans and others around the world where US militarism has affected civilian populations.
Because September 21, International Day of Peace, is coming up, we invited students to write down what Peace means to them.  Interestingly, Freedom was the main theme in their responses.

SOY display made of compiled headlines from Statesman articles

We ordered more Addicted to War books from Veterans for Peace

student stencil art

student stencil art

student stencil art

student stencil art

student stencil art
Austin HS stencil art!

Poster for upcoming International Day of Peace

What peace means to you

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Before You Enlist ...

A new school year is beginning!  We look forward to meeting students and school staff persons as we start another year of visiting our Austin high schools.  We have materials about realities of military life and war along with information about nonviolent alternatives and post-high school options that are more sustainable for you and the planet.

Check out this video to hear some straight talk from veterans and military family members: