Monday, August 23, 2010

From clay

One of the cool things about our printing event last night was getting to see some of Alejandra's ceramic work -- such as these clay figures, above. Beautiful!

Printing for peace

Last night, Alejandra hosted a silk-screening party and SOY dinner at her ceramics studio, and it was great! We printed a bunch of images onto cloth that we'll give away to students as peace wheel prizes during our school tabling visits.

Alejandra demonstrated the process -- she already had transferred images we wanted to use onto two screens. Then, we ironed the cloth (used bed sheets work well), spread it out flat on a work table, used a squeegee to press acrylic ink through the screen, placing the screen at intervals down the length of the fabric, then let the ink dry for a few minutes before ironing it again to help set the ink. We also printed a few t-shirts.

Make art, not war!