Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thinking about Human Rights Day at Akins HS

Tami, Hart and I were glad to be tabling at Akins HS yesterday - luckily, just ahead of the rain, as we were outdoors in their patio adjoining the cafeteria. We really appreciated all the student interest, and about 33 students completed the t-shirt challenge during the two lunches. Since United Nations Human Rights Day is coming up on Dec. 10, we had copies of the 30 provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for students to look at and choose which of those provisions were most important to them. Equality was the most common theme among the responses. 

Penny Poll results showed a priority for the Education category at 30% of the budget, 20% for Health Care, 16% for the Environment, 16% for Humanitarian Aid (the largest percentage for this category that we have had recently), 10% for the military and 8% for NASA. Thank you, Akins Eagles, for your involvement, curiosity and sincerity.

several of the student responses