Sunday, August 7, 2016

Manufacturing jobs on the rise

Two articles in today's Austin American-Statesman point to an uptick in manufacturing jobs in Texas and in other areas around the US as well.  One article, "Aging workforce puts strain on skilled labor," notes that some manufacturing plants are running short of younger skilled workers.  To help train an incoming workforce for a jet engine plant in New Hampshire, for example, "community colleges in New Hampshire and Vermont have also bolstered classes to train students to become computer numerical control machinists -- those who run equipment that creates machine parts  -- or learn skills like tubing that is critical to building engines."

The other article, "Toyota, GM growth turns Texas into an auto state" focuses on the increase in auto manufacturing in places like San Antonio and Plano.  Because so many trucks are sold in Texas, it makes sense to make them here, and according to the article, "Toyota's San Antonio plant has added a third shift of workers and is on track to produce 250,000 trucks this year."

Austin Community College offers many kinds of technical training programs, including training for other high-demand jobs like utility line work, solar panel installation, welding and electronics engineering.  If you like hands-on work in manufacturing or construction, there are many opportunities for you.