Monday, December 14, 2009

New resource from Rethinking Schools

This message came today from the editors of Rethinking Schools, the best quarterly publication out there on the subject of education (IMO). Check out this new resource!

Dear Rethinking Schools friends,

We're pleased to announce our latest "publication," The Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People's History -- -- a new website with free downloadable teaching activities.
The Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People's History is a collaboration between Rethinking Schools and Teaching for Change, supported by an anonymous donor (a former student of historian Howard Zinn's) and the Caipirinha Foundation. The new site features over 75 free, downloadable teaching activities for middle- and high- school students to bring a people's history to the classroom. These are the best U.S. history-teaching articles from the Rethinking Schools archives.
The site also lists hundreds of recommended books, films, and websites. The teaching activities and resources are organized by theme, time period, and grade level. This is the only collection of its kind for educators -- print or online -- in the country. Please visit and bookmark the new Zinn Education Project: Teaching a People's History website and spread the word. Take advantage of the free resources and send us your feedback.

Thanks for your support of Rethinking Schools.
Bill Bigelow
Curriculum Editor
Rethinking Schools