Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Peaceforce crew at Lanier HS

We were glad to table at Lanier HS today, and so happy to have a crew of Hart, Tami and a new friend, Susana.  We really enjoyed talking to students who came by to do the chin-up bar (for Cesar Chavez t-shirts), try the Peace Wheel and take literature.  I didn't get too many takers on the DIY art today, but we have a new block print that is easy to use and that students can add to with rubber stamps, etc. and the stencils are still available, too.  It's fun!  We also had the penny poll available for students to vote on their priorities for govt. spending.  As Hart explained, if Lanier students could decide on government spending, college would be covered.
We added to our literature in the library and career center.  Thanks, Vikings!
Susana and Hart talking with students

Hart's IVAW hockey shirt

MLK book display at the Lanier library

New block print plus rubber stamps

SOY brochure next to military fliers in library, as we are allowed to do by AISD policy

SOY brochure next to recruiting fliers in library

IVAW patch on Hart's hockey shirt

sign on chin-up bar

Military reality fliers next to recruitment brochures

student rubber stamp art folder

Do it yourself!

sign on chin-up bar

Tami, Susana and Hart with students, doing the penny poll

t-shirts we stenciled for chin-up bar prizes

peace crew

new booth at Lanier, where students use "halla dollas" (Valhalla...) to purchase things

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