Friday, January 31, 2014

Reagan students say education is most important

We had a crew of 6 of us today for the career fair at Reagan HS -- it was great to be with such a spirited and experienced group.  The career fair was held in the school gym, and our SOY table was situated directly across from a Marines recruiting table.  They had their chin-up bar -- and so did we.  Making the point that peace takes courage -- and that inner discipline can't be hammered into a person by taking orders -- we invited students to try as many chin-ups as they wanted to try, and to take a look at our military reality materials if they were thinking of enlisting.  Most students who came by the table also voted with a stack of 10 pennies to distribute among 5 categories in the Penny Poll.  And here are the results:  EDUCATION came in first, with 178 pennies in the jar.  Second was ENVIRONMENT with 115 pennies.  HEALTH CARE was next at 108 pennies, then HUMANITARIAN AID with 85 pennies.  Lastly, the MILITARY jar held 47 pennies.  So, if Reagan HS students could decide how our tax money is spent, they would likely not have to worry about how they are going to pay for college or their family's health care.  They might live in a more sustainable world.  And the military might have to stop paying for recruitment in schools.

ACC mascot (with stickers) stops by our table

Marines recruiting table across from us

Our crew (minus one), with ACC mascot

Explaining the Penny Poll

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