Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Celebrating Human Rights at Lanier HS

It was good to be with Tami and Hart at our SOY table today at Lanier HS. Because yesterday, December 10 was International Human Rights Day, we asked students to compose a Declaration of Human Rights of their own. These were the rights that they listed:
Freedom to present as the gender you are inside
The right to health care for everyone
The right to be respected and safe from bullying
The freedom to pursue happiness
The right to live in a world in which the environment is clean and safe
The freedom to speak and protest with no deaths
The right to clean water
The right to be treated as an equal and not discriminated against
The right to same gender marriage
When we asked students about their plans after graduation, a few said that they thought they might enlist in the military. We offered some alternative ideas and pointed to the rights they had just listed -- are these rights and freedoms available to persons in the military?

Penny Poll results showed, as always, that Education and Health Care were the priorities, getting 27% and 25% of the penny vote respectively, followed by 20% for the Environment, 13.5% for the Military, 8% for NASA and 6.5% for Humanitarian Aid.

We stopped by the school library to check on our literature, and we were happy to see a display of Woke books! Good stuff. And, since the school was a polling place, Hart and I were able to do our voting there in the runoff election. Thanks, Vikings!