Wednesday, April 19, 2017

I'd rather buy food and a college education than war!

Tami, Hart and I had our final tabling visit of this school year yesterday at LBJ/LASA HS.  We appreciated the interest of all the Jaguars who stopped by the table to check out our materials and to take part in the t-shirt challenge.

Because yesterday was Tax Day, we asked students to fill in these fliers with what they'd rather buy than war.  Students wanted funds to go toward food and education above all.  Penny Poll results echoed what most students have voted throughout the year: more funding for education and less for the military.  Penny Poll totals:  30% for Education (actual federal budget: approx. 2.8% for Education), 20% for Health Care, 18% for the Environment (actual federal budget:  approx. 1.6% for environmental protection), 13% for Humanitarian Aid, 11% for the Military (actual federal budget, if you include costs related to past wars and measure only discretionary spending: approx. 48% -- almost HALF our federal budget used for war, war preparations and consequences of war), and 8% for NASA.  Once again, if students could decide where our tax money was spent, we would have a much healthier country.

Thanks to students for giving these issues thoughtful attention and expressing their views to us.  As one student said, "I think this is about Power to the People!"   Yes, it is!  

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Could we have a Day Without Violence?

Hart, Tami and I staffed a SOY table today at Travis HS and really enjoyed talking with the students who came by our table.  Because today, April 4, is commemorated in a number of places around the country, especially in schools, as A Day Without Violence, we asked students to contribute their thoughts about that on our poster.  It was interesting to see several students write that music was a way to de-escalate violence.  We agree -- it is one of our common human connections, a universal language.

Penny Poll results showed a full 52% of the budget priority for Education, followed by 18% for the Environment, 13% for Health Care, 10% for Humanitarian Aid, 4% for NASA and 3% for the Military.  This was the largest percentage vote for Education in our poll than at any other school where we have done the poll this year.
Thanks so much for your participation, Travis Rebels!

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