Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tax Day at Travis HS

Tami, Hart and I had a really good visit to Travis HS today. Since it is Tax Day, our reflection question focused on that, and the Penny Poll was especially relevant. The Education category came out way on top with 35% of the penny vote, followed by 27% for Health Care, 20% for the Environment, 11% for the Military, 7% for NASA and 0% for Humanitarian Aid. Sometimes students ask us what "Humanitarian Aid" means.
One student said he'd already enlisted in the military. We are sure to tell students that if they have enlisted through the Delayed Entry Program, they can change their minds at any time prior to their report date for basic training. The Center on Conscience and War has good info about it online.

several of the student responses

student responses

some of the student responses

We're always impressed with the student art we see on campus