Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rebels for Peace at Travis HS

We had an excellent visit today to Travis HS.  Thanks to all the Rebels for making us welcome!  We Rebels for Peace fit right in.  We were asked to set up in the cafeteria today because there was testing being done in other parts of the school.  That was a good place to be, and we appreciated all the students who came by to do the t-shirt challenge and see what the table was about.

It was good to meet several students from other parts of the world, including Tanzania and Puerto Rico.

The Penny Poll results showed the greatest priority for the Environment (25.61% of the vote), 22.8% for Health Care, 21.1% for Education, 17% for the Military and 13.49% for Humanitarian Aid.  As one student said, as she put all her pennies into the Environment jar, "If we don't have a planet, we're all dead."  I wish that our legislators would say it so clearly.

Rebels for Peace!

Peace Wheel of Fortune

reflection poster for Women's History Month, to name a woman you admire and why

reflection poster detail

reflection poster detail

reflection poster detail

reflection poster detail

t-shirt challenge for today
We were happy to see this banner in the school foyer

This looks like a great project!

poster on front door

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