Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LBJ/LASA school visit rounds out the Spring semester

We were glad to have a Spring Semester SOY table today at LBJ/LASA High School, and we were busy during both lunches as students participated in doing the list of 5 tasks for earning a Peace t-shirt: naming the 5 basic rights stated in the First Amendment to the US Constitution, finding Afghanistan on the globe and naming its Capital, voting in the Penny Poll, trying the Peace Wheel of Fortune and trying a Peace Pull-up on the chin-up bar.  One of the students who knew the First Amendment freedoms the best was a student who had grown up in South America.

We always appreciate students discussing the issues that are raised at the table -- such as how militarism affects the environment, why there is not enough funding for education but there is always money for war, who pays the price for war, and how the advances made in civil rights in the US have been won through largely nonviolent means.

We posted several of the new images/quotes from the Fort Hood Testimonials project -- a listening project where more than 1,000 soldiers and military family members from Ft. Hood were interviewed about their military experience.

Once again, it was good to be able to table right in front of the Nelson Mandela quote about education being the most important tool we can use to make positive change in the world.  The Penny Poll results showed that students agree:

Education: 97 penny votes
Health Care: 72 pennies
Military: 57 pennies
Humanitarian Aid: 43 pennies
Environment:  41 pennies

Thanks for participating, Jaguars!

print-outs from the new Fort Hood Testimonials project, as seen on Facebook this morning

Recruiting poster on bulletin board across from our table

Recruiting flier on bulletin board across from our table -- same recruiter advertising at Reagan HS.  Why are Juniors being targeted?  Once again, deceptive advertising: military jobs and job training of choice are not guaranteed, and neither are $40,000 enlistment bonuses or the large GI Bill benefits.

We posted our flier below the recruiting flier, as we are allowed to do by AISD policy.
Photo in hallway display of LBJ talking with Barbara Jordan and Vernon Jordan

Photo in hallway display, LBJ and troops

Photo in hallway display, MLK and LBJ

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