Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great visit at McCallum High School

Hart, Tami, Susana and I had a rewarding tabling day today at McCallum HS, and we thank all students and staff who came by the table and made us welcome.  We added a 5th item to our list of tasks for winning a t-shirt, and it was great to see how many students worked their way down the table to do every one.  We were impressed that most students could point right to Afghanistan on a globe, and several students could name the First Amendment freedoms right off the bat.  Doing quick research on smart phones was fine, too.  We liked the posters we saw up in the hallways having to do with respect and creativity.  We were set up right under a student poster of the Robert Frost poem, "Nothing Gold Can Stay,"  which was appropriately poignant for all the seniors graduating soon.  From our perspective, time is fleeting, and life is very precious.

About 50 students did the Penny Poll, and the Education category won out big time.  If members of Congress really represented the values of their constituents, college would be affordable for all.  After students did the Penny Poll, we offered them copies of the American Friends Service Committee's folding graph showing how much money is allocated to military uses vs. other spending.  Military spending is calculated at 57% of the federal budget and Education at 6%.  The values of McCallum students who did the Penny Poll are reversed:  Education funding got 50% of the penny votes, and Military funding got 13%.

Here are the Penny Poll results from today:

Education: 177 pennies
Environment: 94 pennies
Health Care: 92 pennies
Humanitarian Aid: 73 pennies
Military: 67 pennies

Hart at SOY table

To win a t-shirt ...
Detail of poster for Creative Writing Club

No Place for Hate hall poster

Hall poster

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