Wednesday, November 6, 2013

US drones are killing civilians

When we were tabling at Bowie High School last week, students who are in the school's Air Force JROTC program told us that they are studying military aircraft.  Today, this message came from the Youth Program Coordinator of Amnesty International about the terrible effects of the use of killer drones by the CIA and the US military in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Do JROTC students know about the wrongful civilian deaths caused by weaponized unmanned drones launched by the US?  

Here is the message from Amnesty International:

Why did the U.S. government kill Nabeela's grandmother?
At age 8, Nabeela Bibi witnessed the unimaginable horror of a U.S. drone blowing her grandmother, Mamana Bibi, to pieces. Last week, she and her brother and father traveled over 7,000 miles to tell their painful story to Congress.

Nabeela had to relive that terrifying day all over again. Adding insult to injury, the Washington Post reports that only 5 members of Congress bothered to show up.

Today, I'm asking you to help this child and her family seek the truth.

In the past few weeks I've crisscrossed the country building a movement to raise awareness about Mamana's case and rein in the killer drone program. 
It's been incredible to watch people learn about the secrecy and devastation of the U.S. government's drone program.

Every evening, I look at a photo of Nabeela, and I am appalled at the suffering this child has endured. And I vow to help this little girl get the answers she deserves.

We're taking this fight to President Obama and Congress until they tell the truth, and there is justice for Nabeela and others like her.

What will it take to make the government talk about these attacks?
We must make our cry for justice louder and more powerful than the drones. Amnesty has a plan to kick this movement into high gear, but we can't take it to the next level without you.
Follow Nabeela's lead — stand up for human rights.
In solidarity,

Kalaya'an Mendoza National Youth Program Coordinator Amnesty International USA

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