Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chinning up with the Marines at McCallum High School

Today, Tami and I had the rare experience of tabling directly across the hall from two Marine recruiters during the lunch periods.  They brought their chin-up bar and had quite a few students try it.  Students were asked to fill out cards giving their contact information.  I spoke with the two recruiters and asked about the cards.  They said they don't contact students if they list their age as younger than 17.  It's important to abide by that.

We set up our chin-up bar, too, but didn't have takers on it today.  But, a number of students noticed the contrasts between our tables, looked at our materials and thought it was interesting that we were there together.  I thought it was a good opportunity to encourage critical thinking about these important things -- war, peace, using nonviolent strategies instead of military force, the realities of military life and alternatives for college funding, etc.

We appreciated our conversations with students, teachers and the recruiters.

Marine recruiters' chin-up bar

Tami at SOY table
Susan at SOY table

Students doing chin-ups at Marines' table

good to see this group at McCallum

Card that students fill out at Marines recruiting table

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