Friday, March 8, 2013

International Women's Day at Bowie HS

poster we put up from last year's Peace Calendar by Syracuse Cultural Workers
Tami and I made a Spring Semester visit to Bowie HS today, and we were glad to be joined by Lee.  Since it was International Women's Day today, we included a banner honoring the courage of women who have chosen the path of active nonviolence to create positive change in the world.  We also set up the chin-up bar to make the point that peacemaking takes courage.  There's strong .... and then there's Peace Strong!  Physical strength is not a requirement in peacebuilding, but there are other ways of being strong-- strength of character, moral strength, maintaining integrity even when intimidated.
Thanks to students, teachers, custodial staff and other school staff for joining in celebrating International Women's Day and the cause of peace and justice for all women, men and children.

women's record today: 8 chin-ups!
men's record today: 18!

student art

just some of the infinite number of women we celebrate today, including you!
some of our wall posters
Good to see this hall poster

student art
student art

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