Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Akins HS visit

Tami and I were happy to be back at Akins HS today, where we set up our materials on a bank of tables along one side of the cafeteria during their lunch periods.  Thanks to the custodial workers, cafeteria workers, school staff and students for making us welcome!

It was great to see this: a student had sewn one of our patches onto his jacket!

We posted one of our fliers next to an Army Strong poster we saw in a hallway.  The  AISD  policy that allows us into the high schools also allows for our materials to be placed next to recruiting materials.
This Seals poster was displayed in a hallway.  Do schools really want to  make assault weapons  seem cool?
We posted one of our fliers next to this Navy poster in a hallway.

One of several posters we liked that were up in the hallways

We liked this display case message!

Student art

student art

student art

student art

This program looked interesting

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