Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SOY in Cougar Country

Tami and I were glad to be back at Crockett HS today with our SOY materials.  With a single lunch period, it was busy at the table, and it was great to talk with the students who came by to see the literature, try the stencil art, spin the peace wheel and find out what we were all about.  Thanks, Cougars!
As lunch begins (permission given to cover food drive banner since it was dated)

student stencil art - always great to see how colors are used

Student art in library - always impressive

Student art in library, detail

Hallway banner

Hallway banner -- makes us sad to think that young women have to worry about this

El Dia student art in display case

El Dia student art in display case

Dia de los Muertos student art in display case -- nice printing on fabric

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