Tuesday, March 20, 2018

SOY visit to McCallum HS

Hart, Tami and I were happy to have a SOY table today at McCallum HS. We added the #MarchForOurLives to our Peace Wheel, and the reflection question was, "What legislation would you support to reduce gun violence in the US?" Students gave a variety of written responses, which I will include here. The Penny Poll results showed the largest percentage vote for Health Care at 21% of the budget, followed by 19% each for the Environment and NASA, 17% for Education, 12% for Humanitarian Aid and 12% for the military. We had our full range of t-shirts and also buttons for students to earn doing the t-shirt challenge. Thank you to all Knights! Here are the student responses:
"Strict background checks because everyone doesn't deserve or need to have a gun. Guns are a weapon that should be strictly used to protect yourself."
"I would like a yearly psych evaluation on all gun owners, much harsher restrictions placed on semi-automatic rifles, and a raise of the age for gun owners to 21. People should require a license for the manufacturing of guns."
"A legislation that makes it harder to get guns, ex: more background checks, checks for mental disorders, checks for any extremely violent tendency."
"To teach people gun safety and how to properly use them."
"Support of Social Darwinism"
"1. We need to have a better way of people getting their gun license. 2. Try to make schools more secure."
"All the members of the government should support and come together to end gun violence."
"More background checks. No Fly No Buy. Age restriction to 21."
"Mental Health"
"Background checks"
"Raise age requirement for purchasing a gun."
"Background check. Automatic rifles limited. Invest in safety devices on guns, such as print (finger) lock. Age limit on buying guns."

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