Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Eastside Panthers

Hart, Tami and I had a SOY table at Eastside Memorial HS today during their single lunch hour.  For some reason, we had less interest in the table today than usual,  but we always enjoy the interactions we do have.  Some students at Eastside attend the International School and are just learning English.  We didn't have a fluent Spanish speaker with us today, but we managed with our halting Espanol and lots of pointing and looking things up on smart phones.  Students were very patient with us!

Because Eastside still officially contains the "at the Johnston Campus" name, which refers to a Confederate general, Eastside is among the AISD schools slated to have a name change.  So, we asked students their ideas for what new name they would be proud of.  Several suggested just leaving it "Eastside," which may be what happens.  But, other students may have another name they'd really like to use.  AISD will soon begin the process, so we shall see.  One staffer today suggested "Lorax Academy," in reference to the Dr. Seuss book championing environmental protection.  This is appropriate, given Eastside being an eco-campus, with gardens and chickens.

We didn't have a large number of voters for the Penny Poll, but the percentages came out as follows:  27% of the budget for Education, 22% for Health Care, 22% for the Military, 10% for NASA, 10% for the Environment and 9% for Humanitarian Aid.

We offered some new buttons today along with the shirts.

It was good to see these posters from Communites in Schools posted in the hallways, and also posters re. emotions at the counseling center.

I agree - often, anger is the appropriate response to unfairness and helps alert us to injustice.  Consequently,  I would add under how to deal: think about what the injustice is and ways that it can be addressed and how we can be active in achieving what is fair. 

Thanks, Panthers!

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