Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Jaguar heritage at LBJ/LASA HS

Hart, Tami, Susana and I were happy to be at LBJ/LASA today for their combined lunch period. We had possibly our busiest day yet at the school and appreciated all the engagement from Jaguars! We also appreciated the diversity among students, reading their responses to our heritage question, seeing the displays on the walls of graduating seniors from the Early College Program and talking with the forty-some students who did the t-shirt challenge at the table. Penny Poll results showed a 25% priority for funding Education, 20% for Health Care, 18% for the Environment, 13% for Humanitarian Aid, 13% for the Military and 11% for NASA. Photos attached show a variety of family traditions. Not many students knew that their mascot, the Jaguar, is native not only to the rain forests of South America, but also to the Americas as far north as our part of Texas. The Jaguar is a very important animal in the art, history and ecology of the Americas.

Yes!  21st Century Power Skills: Collaboration, Connection, Creativity, Communication, Cultural Proficiency, Critical Thinking

Early College grads

Inaugural Early College Program graduates

dates for qualifying for Early College Program

Tami, Susana and Hart at our SOY table

Susan, Susana and Hart at our SOY table

t-shirt challenge for today

student responses

student responses

student responses

student responses

student responses

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James V said...

Very interesting blog post, thanks very much for sharing! My first book, OUTSPOKEN, addressed the issue of minority enrollment in JROTC from a slightly humorous approach: http://amzn.to/2BkRzcS