Tuesday, January 5, 2016

SOY tabling in big cat country

We were glad to visit LBJ HS today with our crew of 5, the t-shirt challenge, our materials and optimism for the new year.  As LBJ is home of the jaguars, we included a question about that noble animal in our challenge questions, and our reflection poster had to do with environmental effects of war.  One conclusion based on responses:  students could benefit from learning more about the environment altogether, especially now, when the effects of climate change are all around us.

As always, student priorities showed a strong interest in more funding for education -- and, if their voices were heard, it wouldn't be a problem to fund more classes in environmental science, for example.

Penny Poll results showed 42% of the vote for Education, 20.6% for Health care, 18.7% for the Environment, 12.7% for Humanitarian Aid and 6% for the Military.  Students expressed surprise and dismay when they saw the graph showing how the US federal budget is really allocated.

Thanks to the Jaguars for welcoming us today. (And be sure to read up about your mascot).

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