Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Talking Human Rights at Lanier HS

Nice!  a book tree in the library

We had a great visit to Lanier HS yesterday.  Since Human Rights Day is coming up this week, we added a poster question about that to our t-shirt challenge, asking students which of the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights were most important to them.  We had copies of the 30 points of the Declaration, and it was good to see students looking them over.

We also added a question about Vikings --  and glaciers.  Not many students knew the part of the world that Vikings came from!  And we think more earth science would be a good idea, too.

We appreciated the serious and sincere responses students had to the various questions, especially their thoughts and ideas regarding human rights.

Penny Poll results: 35% of the penny vote for Education, 22% for Health Care, 21% for the Environment, 12% for the Military and 10% for Humanitarian Aid

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