Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yes, there are cougars in Texas: Tabling at Crockett HS

We had a great visit during lunch with our SOY table and crew of 4 at Crockett HS today.  As always, I am impressed with the sincerity and the eagerness with which students engage with the issues raised in our materials -- thank you, Cougars!  

Speaking of cougars, we included a question in the t-shirt challenge about them --  and,once again, we were surprised that none of the students we talked with knew for sure where their school mascot lives in the wild.  The cougar is not only losing habitat, it is losing awareness among we humans.  Environmental science and biology are critical subjects.  On the question of what factors threaten the existence of the cougar, one student gave an interesting answer that I hadn't thought of: coal mining.

Penny Poll results showed the most concern for Health Care, which received 27% of the vote, followed by 24% for Education, 22.3% for the Environment, 14% for the Military and 12.5% for Humanitarian Aid.


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