Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Career Fairing at Reagan HS

We had great visits to Reagan HS for a lunchtime tabling on Jan. 20 and during their career fair on Jan. 30th.  At the career fair, it was good to see so many colleges represented, as well as several trade options.  We talked with 3 linemen who were there with Austin Energy to recruit for their training program.  The line work is tough, so if you want the kind of physical workouts you see in US Marine commercials, think about this as a healthier alternative.  The pay and benefits are good, and you're working to keep your community supplied with power.  ACC also has a training program, as it's a job in high demand.

Penny Poll results during the career fair showed a greater concern for Health Care than previous penny polls.  Results were: 231 pennies for Health Care (37%), 155 for Education (25%), 92 for the Environment (15%), 77 for Humanitarian Aid (12%) and 71 for the Military (11%).

Thanks to the Raiders for inviting us!

The ACC Riverbat mascot shows his stuff!

There are several firefighter programs available for young people, including the firefighter program at LBJ HS

Hart does some stretching to ease his back

Tablers getting set up

Most students said they would fight Poverty and Racism.  They also talked about links between all the supervillians.

Together, we are strong

Students pointed to the top photo.  Some said, "I think they show more courage because they don't have guns; they have community."

Some of our materials

Linemen from Austin Energy with their equipment.  We appreciated talking with them.

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