Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SOY tabling at Lanier HS

Last Tuesday, we had a SOY table at Lanier HS and we had a full crew of five!  We had a steady stream of students passing by and becoming curious about the materials and getting interested in the t-shirt challenge.  Penny poll results were:

Education: 42% of the budget
Environment: 24%
Military: 16%
Health Care: 13%
Humanitarian Aid: 5%

I especially liked seeing students clustered around the globe, not only to find the countries we asked them to find, Syria and Afghanistan, but to show us what countries they would like to travel to if they could.  The first countries mentioned were Japan, Spain and Italy.  This made me think about the time in the not-so-distant past when Japan was considered an enemy nation, and it was bombed relentlessly during WWII.  It is the only country to have suffered the horror of two atomic bombings of their civilian population.  Japan has risen from that period of terrible suffering and destruction to become a world economic power and tourist destination.  Today's students are not likely to say that they would like to travel to Afghanistan or Syria.  But, I hold out hope that years down the road, wars there will end and students will name those countries as places they would like to go to witness the beauty and character of the people and the land.

One of the ribbons on the peace sign in the school's lobby

Other ribbons on the peace sign

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