Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mayan Day of the Jaguar at LBJ/LASA High School

We had a great SOY tabling visit today at LBJ/LASA HS.  Students in both schools were interested in doing the t-shirt challenge, which keeps getting more challenging.  We added a jaguar question since we were in Jaguar country.  Most students had to do some research on that one.  As is often the case, students voted for Health Care above all in the Penny Poll (Health Care: 93 pennies, Education: 76, Environment: 62, Military: 61, Humanitarian Aid: 34).

We posted these photos from Ferguson on the chin-up bar, asking students whether police armed to the max or unarmed protesters showed more courage

a school hallway poster

hallway poster about LBJ's Early College program

Our list for the t-shirt challenge

t-shirt designs we made for today

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