Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bulldogs, whales and monarchs for peace at Bowie HS

Today, four of us had a SOY table at Bowie HS, and it was a great day!  Right from the get-go, students were interested in doing the t-shirt challenge, making their way up and down the table to try the Peace Wheel, name the 5 First Amendment freedoms, find Afghanistan and Syria on the globe, vote in the Penny Poll, try a chin-up, and -  just added - name the largest animal in the world, which insect makes the longest migration, and what are some of the threats to these amazing creatures.  This led to discussion of how Navy sonar hurts marine life - an environmental effect students may not have thought about.

Penny Poll results showed top priorities for Education (101 pennies), the Environment (92) and Humanitarian Aid (92), with 80 pennies for Health Care and 34 pennies for the Military category.  As they could see, their priorities were quite opposite of actual government spending choices.  If today's students could decide, military spending would drop to 8.5% of the budget instead of 45%.

One student, while trying the Peace Wheel, mentioned that he had seen Rosa Parks when she visited his elementary school the year before she died.  That is a special memory to keep.

We appreciated the participation of all students who stopped by the table today!

and when we got home, we were met by this world traveler migrating through Austin

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