Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Back in Cougar Country at Crockett HS

Tami, Hart, Susana, Alejandro and I were glad to have a SOY table today at Crockett HS.  Our stenciled t-shirts went quickly to students who did all four things:  named the 5 basic First Amendment freedoms, tried a Peace Pull-up, did the Penny Poll and tried the Peace Wheel of Fortune.  Today being Tax Day made the Penny Poll even more pertinent.  The "Education" category got the most penny votes by far, followed by "Health Care" and "Environment."  Once again, it is clear that if elected officials listened to the voices of students, we would have much different government priorities, with higher education and health care affordable for all.
We were glad to see peace posters designed by the XY Zone, a group for young men sponsored by Communities in Schools, and other student art in a "Peace it Together" display.


We really liked these posters by the XY Zone

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