Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Loyal Forever at Austin HS

Tami, Hart, Susana and I really appreciated our time tabling today at Austin HS.  Since the t-shirts go pretty quickly and we didn't have many, we added a challenge to win a free one.  We asked students to name the 5 freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment.  One student named them all without hesitation, but all others had to do a little research first (smart phones rule).  A few students said "The right to bear arms."  Nope, not in the First Amendment.  For a t-shirt, we also asked students to do the Penny Poll, try the Peace Wheel of Fortune and try a pull-up.
It was good to see posters up in the halls advertising such positive things as a student Gay-Straight Alliance and a new African-American History class.
A number of students lingered at the table and talked with us, and a few teachers came by, too.  A good lunch period at Austin HS  --  Thanks, Maroons!


student art

Flier for African-American History class 
Flier for African-American History course
Austin HS student's art on 2014 Art Show poster -- very nice!
'forbidden art,' a security guard said, but I liked it

student art

Encouraging hallway posters...

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