Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SOY tabling at Eastside Memorial HS

DIY student art at SOY table

a most excellent team

It was great to have a SOY table today at Eastside Memorial HS!  Schools had a late start today because of ice concerns, so lunch was pushed back an hour.   We had plenty of time to set up, and in the large foyer, we were across from a table selling tickets for a valentine dance and from a lifeguard recruiting table.  We learned that right now is the best time for kids 15 years and older to apply to be a lifeguard -- and the pay is very good  -- much higher than minimum wage, and it goes up with age and experience.  Make an online application HERE and the training is only $20 right now.  It's great training for a job that can also lead to EMS work and other park work.

We had a great crew of 5 and our full array of materials: chin-up bar with Cesar Chavez Peace Takes Courage t-shirts (very popular), Penny Poll, military reality fliers and lots of options materials, including many college brochures, DIY valentine-making lino block printing and the Peace Wheel of Fortune with printed folders and stickers galore!

The Health Care category won the most pennies, by far (69), with Education second (34), Military third (22), Humanitarian Aid fourth (15) and Environment last (12).  Health Care priority is not a surprise, but Environment being lowest priority was surprising.  There are very important links between militarization, health concerns and environmental concerns...


Penny poll

Student art
Student art
Student art
DIY linoleum block printing
Lifeguard recruiting table -- a great job!
Lifeguard recruiting table across from our SOY table
Lifeguard flier
Some of our stickers, featuring Dolores Huerta

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