Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Under The Hood fundraiser raises awareness on Memorial Day

Last night, on Memorial Day, supporters of Under the Hood Cafe and Outreach Center in Killeen held a fundraiser in Austin.  The music, donated by many excellent musicians, was great, and interspersed with the bands, several veterans spoke about their involvement with UTH and what it has meant for them and their families.  Regina Vasquez, founder of the Fatigues Clothesline project, brought several pieces of the project with her and spoke about finding UTH at a time when she was feeling isolated after her tours with the US Marines as a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma.  Regina was featured in the film documentary, The Invisible War and the Austin performances of The Telling Project last month.  She has set up a website  with a number of resources for MST survivors.

Fatigues Clothesline, detail.  Survivors of MST write on fatigues to express how  MST has affected them.

Regina Vasquez speaks at the UTH fundraiser

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