Monday, April 8, 2013

Dreamers: Study these things carefully

I like this message from Los Angeles colleague, Joe Maizlish, written in response to the appeal, below, from Kiana C., a young woman writing on behalf of a group called Keeping Families Together: 


I join you in seeking full rights for you and those like you, and protection for your families.

As for your ambition of joining the U.S. Marines: I both appreciate your desire to serve the country, AND hope you will reconsider about joining the U.S. armed forces, and study matters carefully. Your goal is honorable service, however the dedication, skill and good will of the members of the Marines and the rest of the U.S. military are used to create and support oppressive conditions in many other countries -- and indirectly contribute to the poverty and dislocation which have led many to try to emigrate to the U.S.

Please don't add to the cycle of troubles.

Please study these things carefully. If you do, I believe you will find out about that tragic story, a story most media and political figures do not talk about and even in many cases do not know about.

Good wishes with your ambition for equal rights, an ambition I support and am working towards.

Please don't use your equal rights to join an institution which deprives others of equality in their lands!


Joseph Maizlish

On 4/6/2013 10:01 AM, Kiana C. wrote:

Dear Joseph,

Nearly a month past their deadline, Senator Jeff Flake and the Gang of 8 have still failed to come through on their promise to introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

As they continue to deliberate, families, DREAMers and those looking to serve this country like me are left in an agonizing waiting period. I am an Arizona resident and enrolled in ROTC. One day I plan on joining the Marines and serving my country proudly. However, many of my friends who have that same dream are not able to accomplish it because of their immigration status.

Senator Flake and my friends and family have something in common. Senator Flake you have spent your life working to serve this country and the people of Arizona. My friends and I have the same dream of serving our country in the most brave and honorable way possible.

We cannot afford to wait any longer for immigration reform. Click here to tell Senator Flake and the Gang of 8 that we need a bill that will keep families like ours together!

Senator Flake, you know the full promise that the young DREAMers of this country hold for its future if they are given a chance to give back and serve. Please, stand up and fight for families, Friends and DREAMers like mine.

Please ask Senator Flake and the Gang of 8 to introduce legislation that keeps all families together.

Thank you,

Kiana C., AZ

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