Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fighting war, not wars, at Austin High School

One of the first students to come up to our literature table at Austin HS today was a young man who had the idea to paint this message right onto our table banner, which he told me was the name of a piece by the band, Crass.  That was perfect. 

We enjoyed meeting students who stopped by the table to take literature, try out the Peace Wheel, do stencil art or just talk for a minute.

One student  who came by the table returned later with a poster report about pandas and used a stencil to add this image to his report.  Very cool. 

One of the fliers posted around the school that we noticed

We are seeing more posters and banners like this one around the high schools and fewer military recruiting posters, which is very encouraging.
 A couple of staff people thanked us for being at Austin HS, and we appreciated the general friendliness and openness of people who came by.  Thanks, Maroons!

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