Thursday, February 9, 2012

Peace, art, scholarships (and other valentines) at Eastside Memorial HS

Tami and I had a great visit today at Eastside Memorial, both with the International School students and EM students during their lunch times.  We were set up in the hall foyer outside the cafeteria, and lots of students were interested in making valentines, stenciling folders and creating their own additional designs.  We had new info sheets listing some of the scholarships posted on the MALDEF site, especially for undocumented students (the list online is from last year, but most of the info should still apply.  Students should check about this year's deadline dates, though.)  We had application forms (one-page) for a local scholarship available for students in the Montopolis area, courtesy of one of our local supporters.  We learned more, also, about Eastside's resources for their international students and all who want to pursue college.  Undocumented students fill out paper TAFSA forms, and US citizens fill out FAFSA forms online, and the college/career room staff can help with that.  On February 4, Eastside students could attend a Financial Aid Saturday, co-sponsored by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, where help was provided in filling out FAFSA, TAFSA and scholarship application forms.

We added literature to the career room and library, next to where military brochures were stocked.

We checked out the great student art hanging outside the art room and admired the many hallway displays created by students.

Some photos from our day:

Students got the idea to start signing each other's folders...

 Items from our table:
 Tami at our table:

 In the International school, students come from many parts of the world...
 We restocked our literature in the school library, right next to the military brochures:

 Some examples of the remarkable student art portraits displayed outside the art room:

 Different times around the world...
 A hallway display:
 And this guy in the library... say wha???

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