Thursday, December 8, 2011

Arts and letters at Bowie HS

Tami, George and I had a great day at Bowie HS today during their lunch sessions.  More students than at any school so far - about 50 - took us up on the offer to stencil their own file folders, and, as always, their creativity with the materials was wonderful: each one unique, even when using the same stencils.  Students also liked the Peace Wheel, and checked out the literature, including copies of Addicted to War.   Thanks to students and staff for taking part in our "make art, not war" theme, and for talking with us about issues regarding military enlistment, peace, Occupy, school classes and plans for the future.  We liked being situated in the hallway in front of the student banner shown in the photos above about healthy relationships, which relates to what we are talking about, too.

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