Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Veterans launch Operation Recovery at Ft. Hood

On Memorial Day, I joined supporters of Under The Hood Cafe in Killeen to learn more about the Operation Recovery project now underway at the entrance of Ft. Hood.  Members of IVAW have gathered to bring their concerns directly to the new administrator of the base, General Campbell.  Concerns center on the multiple deployments of soldiers who are clearly suffering psychological and physical injuries that are not being treated adequately in the military.  Members of IVAW have built a watch tower overlooking one of the entrances to Ft. Hood to demonstrate their intent to hold the General accountable and to continue their efforts to meet with him.  See the video above of the press conference held this week by IVAW members at the watch tower.

Above, two of the silkscreened posters that Aaron brought from the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative to help illustrate traumatic injuries resulting from combat and military life.  

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