Saturday, February 12, 2011

MLK and Montgomery Bus Boycott help inspire nonviolence in Egypt

A commenter to a post at the Waging Nonviolence blog pointed readers to this: a great story about how an Arabic translation of a comic-style booklet about MLK and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, first published by the FOR in 1958, may have been part of the inspiration to Egyptian organizers in their courageous and successful nonviolent movement to oust their president.  Just as MLK and many other US civil rights organizers were deeply influenced by the Ghandian nonviolence movement that liberated India from British colonial rule, nonviolence has a way of spreading from people to people.

The Arabic translation was a project initiated by Dalia Ziada, Egypt director of the American Islamic Congress.

Here's a quote by Ms. Ziada from the story:

Spreading the message of non-violent resistance throughout the Middle East is ultimately a means to an end for Ziada and the rest of the AIC; that is, to inspire action. "The main message I hope that Arabic readers will take from the MLK comic book is that: change is not impossible. It is time to stop using our muscles blindly. Let's try using our intellect in innovative, creative ways to pressure decision makers and end dictatorship, tyranny and the suppression practiced against us."

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