Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great Day at Austin HS

Yesterday, Hart and I had a busy and inspiring school visit at Austin HS. Making our day very special was being accompanied by a film crew who had flown in from Japan and New York to work on a documentary film they are making about Hart. Many students stopped at the table, some coming back with friends, to check out the penny poll, the peace wheel of fortune, the fliers, books, new stenciled folders - and the film crew! The penny poll results showed students voting heavily for the environment over military spending. I had brought along one of the stencils, "Peace is Sustainable," ink and a brush so that students could print their own folders if they wished, since it takes just a few minutes and the ink dries fairly quickly. On the spot, we made art, not war!
Many thanks to Austin HS administrators, who welcomed us and gave permission for the film crew to join us on campus.

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