Friday, December 10, 2010

Human Rights Day at LBJ/LASA HS

Hart and I really enjoyed our tabling date today at LBJ/LASA HS. We tried out a new peace wheel prize -- stenciled pocket folders -- which were the first prizes to be chosen, so we'll produce more of them for next time. I learned how to do the stenciling through reading a great article in one of last year's issues of Rethinking Schools.

We met several students who have been part of the two-year Fire Fighters program that has been such a good pilot project at LBJ. We learned, however, that the program may not be funded after next year's students finish. This would be a real loss. We were hoping that the program would be extended to other high schools in our district, in fact. All the students we talked with spoke highly of the program. I could tell that they were proud of their accomplishments in learning the challenging EMT and fire fighting skills. Seniors will take their certification tests next week, they said.

Today, Dec. 10, is the United Nations International Day of Human Rights, so we invited students to contribute to a poster about the rights they value most. Freedom of speech was the most often cited. We had a few copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights available for students to see.

Thanks to all students and staff who welcomed us and made use of our resources today!

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