Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tabling today at Crockett HS

Lynn and I had a literature table today during the lunches at Crockett HS where we were well received and enjoyed our interaction with students who came by. We happened to be set up in front of a large wall display of all kinds of peace signs, drawn and painted with images and messages about what peace meant to the students who did the art work. There were a couple of MLK quotes included, as well as environmental themes, inclusivity messages and even images of -- cupcakes! Or muffins, maybe. We're all for peace through good eatin'! The display was a perfect backdrop for our table.

Several students told us that the peace sign designs had been done as part of one of their student advisory sections, and that they also had done some conflict resolution discussion along with the art project. That was really good news!

Re restocked our literature display that is still on a table just inside the entrance of the library next to the recruiting materials and gave some more pamphlets to the folks in the Project Advance career counseling office.

At our table, we talked to some students about the College Forward program that they have at Crockett (having learned about it at a fundraiser last month), and several students said they knew about it. Some said they had 'sort of' heard about it, and when we said that it was for students who would be the first in their family to pursue college, they said that pertained to them, and they became interested. We also encouraged students to take advantage of the ACC campus located directly across the street from their school. Their Early College Start program, where high school students in the district can take college courses for no charge while still in high school is a great opportunity.

A few students who came by the table indicated they wanted to enlist in the military. One young man said he was in the DEP and was gung-ho about going to Afghanistan. He was willing to talk with us for a minute and hear another side of the story.

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