Saturday, March 27, 2010

New group name stresses Sustainability of Nonmilitary Options

This month, we decided to make a change to the name of our group. In light of the many ways that war and militarism are unsustainable to our planet and all its inhabitants, we are making a transition from the name, Nonmilitary Options for Youth, to Sustainable Options for Youth. The acronym, SOY, is appropriate, too. "I am" in Espanol, expresses our view that every person has intrinsic talents and possibilities that should be allowed to grow and flourish in a healthy environment.

Over the summer, we will gradually change the name on our literature and other materials. Our message and goals remain the same: to offer area high school students alternative points of view and information regarding the realities of military life and to discuss nonmilitary, sustainable options for pursuing their goals after high school.

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