Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our table at Bowie HS

Above are some photos from our literature table at Bowie HS on Friday, April 24. Students were interested in doing the penny poll and spinning the peace wheel, and some wanted to discuss the pros and cons of the "war on terror." Bowie is one of the 4 schools in our district with a JROTC program, and of all the schools, Bowie's students seem more willing to openly disagree with our message than students at the other JROTC schools. We're glad they are open to discussion! There are also quite a few students who make a point of saying they're opposed to war and are glad to see us there. Two teachers also came by and talked with us for a while, saying they appreciated the peace wheel, etc. One of the teachers was the only person of the day who was familiar with Barbara Jordan (on the peace wheel). It was good to be able to tell students that a statue of Barbara Jordan was being unveiled that very day at UT -- the first statue in honor of a woman placed on the UT campus, after all these years. (I went to see the statue today, which is very cool. Photo above.)

Along with the penny poll, we also invited students to let us know what they'd rather buy than war, and we posted their creations on the pillar and wall behind our table. The octopus refers to a character in a school play...
photos by makingpeace

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