Thursday, February 19, 2009

earth to mall: War is Not a Game

Check out this article posted today on Common Dreams:
Wake Up Call: Activists visit "The Army Experience"
by Elaine Brower

Here's how it begins:

On Monday, February 16th about 50 activists decided to take a trip to the Franklin Mills Mall right outside Philadelphia, PA to get their look at a new "store". "The Army Experience" (AEC), as it is called, built by the taxpayers to the tune of $12 million, attracts local kids to play video games, most of which are high tech simulations of combat situations.
The group was made up of members from all over the area. World Can't Wait from New York City and Philadelphia; Delaware Valley Veterans of America; Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW); Veterans for Peace from the Philadelphia area; CodePink Women for Peace; Granny Peace Brigade; and, the Brandywine Peace Center converged on the mall at about 10:30 AM, greeted by a heavier than usual security force.

Read the full article to find out how the activists did a "freeze" action at the store while wearing t-shirts that read "War is Not a Game."

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