Monday, January 26, 2009

Peaceful Vocations group marches in Ft. Worth

The folks in our sister organization in Ft. Worth, Peaceful Vocations, took part in their city's MLK Day march. Here is their account:

Our Peaceful Vocations group marched in the Martin Luther King, Jr., parade on Jan 19. There were about 15 of us. We made sure we were behind the large contingent of JROTC, who were to lead the parade. During the several minute waiting period before the parade began, we marched up and down, in front of and around, the very large number of young JROTC youth, some of them in middle school. We were carrying signs with captions, "Don't Join the Military for a Lie", "Military Recruiters Stop Lying to our Kids". One JROTC faction was all female and was from a middle school. They cheered us on, heavily and repeatedly. Our focus was very different from the other themes of those marching in the parade. We definitely stood out! There were very strong gusts of cold wind -- so strong that we had to place our heads against the stakes holding the signs we were carrying and bend over to just be able to walk. We passed out literature after the parade ended. This is our fourth year to march, and a lot of people now know us and agree with us. We also march in the annual Cesar Chavez parade, celebrating Cesar Chavez's birthday.

--Diane Wood, Peaceful Vocations, Fort Worth, Texas

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