Monday, April 28, 2008

Education Not Arms

This notice comes from the folks at Project YANO in San Diego. Check it out! --

The Education Not Arms Coalition in San Diego has been attending school board meetings to speak against the existence of firing ranges on high school campuses and protest the tracking of students into the military via Jr.ROTC. Last week, on March 11, about 50 people (mostly students) turned out to protest and present a petition with 1000 signatures. Following presentations by three coalition representatives, we finally got an indication that the board is willing to put the issue on its agenda. More mobilizations will follow until the board gets rid of the firing ranges and the school district stops tracking students into Jr.ROTC.

To see pictures and hear an 8-minute audio clip of the very inspiring testimony given on March 11 by two students (ages 14 and 16) and one parent go to:

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